BEYOND THE LINES    16 November - 6 December 2006
Galleria Fernando Artes, Ayala Alabang, Manila, Philippines
5th solo art exhibition
A collection of contemporary works featuring abstract impressionism, a mode in which the artist believes to be his
finest strength in visual expression. The show features 16 large mixed media paintings and 16 automatism drawings.
NEW SERIES    28 June - 12 July 2003
Galleria Fernando Artes, Pearl Hotel, Manila, Philippines
4th solo art exhibition
A collection of 20 abstract paintings done in mixed media. Merin employed extensive imagination and experimentation
in this series to underline its aesthetic occurrence.  An extraction from his human figure works and illustrations.
PARES      23 November - 14 December 2002
Madrigal Art Center, Ayala Center, Manila, Philippines
3rd solo art exhibition
Comprised of compelling images of couples locked in a passionate interlude of movements and meanings.
To highlight aesthetic and artistic intent, Merin utilized creativity and experimentation to add texture and strengthen
minimalist lines.  It may also allude to a figurative interplay of connection and separation.
WOMAN IN A BOX   25 November - 21 December 2000   
Madrigal Art Center, Ayala Center, Manila, Philippines
2nd solo art exhibition
Featuring 22 figurative paintings done in monotone. Merin's forms speak of underlying tension and surrender, desire and
restraint, amidst the figure's curtain of anonymity. For even in its heightened state, most of the painting in the series have no
distinctive facial feature that might distract from the artist's concentration with the subtle elements of the human structure.
INSTALLED   7 - 28 November 1998
Madrigal Art Center, Ayala Center, Manila, Philippines
1st solo art exhibition
The very first solo exhibit of the artist. Consist of 18 installation and sculptural works, rendered mostly
in gold and bronze colors, these artworks shows innovative combination of painting and sculpture.
Jake Merin showed his creativity in adding texture and harmony to its sculpted dimensions.
TESTING THE WATERS    6 - 21 March 2010
Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
6th solo art exhibition
Modern abstract impressionist paintings in mixed media suggest his continuing exploration and adjustment to his new found
environment in Australia. His extensive exploit of makeshift tools and methods allow his abstract works to prove deeply into
wide variety of topics. His unconventional style of painting embraces contemporary themes of solitude, reverie and optimism.
SKINS    11 October -  17 November 2012
Obscura Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
7th solo art exhibition
Latest visual creation which explores the patterns that can be formed in paintings using various techniques. Each
piece starts with a subtle pattern and progresses in a unique way. A showcase of contemporary mixed media artworks.
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Jake Merin
Multidisciplinary Artist
ART, JAZZ, SHIRAZ   January 2011 and January 2013
Sandhurst Club, Melbourne
A showcase of various artworks including paintings, sculptures, installations and selected art crafts where shown in a
night field with arts, food and wines and live music. This cross disciplinary art exhibition was a great curatorial challenge
in trying to sustain and keep up with the exhibition concept of bringing together visual arts and music. There were
2 successful editions of Art, Jazz and Shiraz, one in 2011 and another one in 2013.
MEDLEY  14 July - 2 August 2012
Kingston Art Centre, Melbourne
Medley implies the continuity and progression of works based on its elements and principles. The art exhibition was
a great curatorial challenge in trying to sustain and keep up with the exhibition concept.
CONVERGING HUES   2-30 June 2014
Darebin Art and Entertainment Centre, Melbourne
A collection of various visual art styles and rendition featuring the latest creations of FAMe artists. Converging Hues connotes the
merging and coming together of various diverse styles of artist and their respective genre into one big collaborative art exhibition.
STRAPS ENSEMBLE   10-24 September 2016
The Artist's Studio, Melbourne
A virtual/on line exhibition featuring the artist's reprise series 'Straps'... In this series, the artist considers the subject secondary
only to the composition of the painting, which was drawn using pattern of lines and textures. In his compositions these elements
are often important than the subject itself. He consider 'Straps Ensemble' as his biggest art series to date.