122cm x 82cm
122cm x 60cm
112cm x 142cm
Woman in a Box
The artist's very first figurative series consist of highly textured mixed media works.  These monotone forms speak of underlying tension and
surrender, desire and restraint, amidst the figures curtain of anonymity. For even in its hightened state, most of the paintings in the series
have no distinctive facial features that might distract with the artist's concentration on the subtle elements of human structure.
The desire to create
depth in his work drives
the artist to improvise tools
to produce those intriguing
textural patterns. Engaging
with tools more often found
in a workshop than in an
art studio was the secret of
producing the astonishing
texture and effects in his
paintings. The series
consist 20 large mixed
media works on canvas.
Jake Merin
Multidisciplinary Artist
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